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The Works of Idabel Fobar

The Works of Idabel Fobar

Idabel Fobar (Presented by: Christopher E. Maynard)

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Idabel Fobar's life was one of quiet creativity and hidden talent. Born in 1920, she lived a full life as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her two children, Judith and Timothy, and their families, including her grandchildren, Elizabeth, Kenneth, Christopher, Jeffery, Tonia, Neil, and Jeffery, remember her fondly. Idabel's writings, discovered posthumously, reveal a depth of emotion and insight previously unknown to her family. Despite an offer from a publisher, she chose to keep her writings private, tucked away until their recent discovery. This collection is a testament to her creativity and a gift to her loved ones, offering a glimpse into the inner world of a remarkable woman.

This book is a tribute to Idabel Fobar, a woman whose words resonate with beauty and truth. Her story is not just one of a life lived, but of a life richly experienced and deeply felt. Through her writing, we see glimpses of her soul, her loves, her losses, and her joys. Idabel's legacy lives on in these pages, a treasure trove of her thoughts and feelings that will now be shared with the world.


In Loving Memory

This book is a heartfelt tribute to my cherished grandmother, Idabel Fobar, who was affectionately known simply as Ida. Her life, a beacon of love and faith, continues to inspire me even after her passing. A devoted Christian, grandma's steadfast belief was the cornerstone of her existence, guiding her with grace and compassion.

Grandma's legacy as a loving individual, a dedicated mother, and an exceptional grandmother endures in the hearts of me and my family. It was only after her passing that we discovered her hidden treasures, this collection of poems and short stories that revealed the depth of her creativity and spirit.

This book, "The Works of Idabel Fobar", is a celebration of grandma's life and her previously unseen literary gifts. Through these pages, I hope to honor her memory and share the beauty of her words with the world. In loving memory of my grandmother, I present this collection as a testament to her enduring influence and the love she shared with us all.

Christopher E. Maynard

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