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Towsif Nasor

Towsif serves as a Technology Advisor at Strategico Consultants, where he leverages his ongoing experience in technology to aide businesses in aligning their operations, with suitable and effective technology solutions. His expertise primarily benefits non-profits and associations, though he also has substantial experience with for-profit organizations.

With a strong academic foundation in Computing and Informatics, and a minor in Psychology from Rowan University, Towsif brings together his knowledge, passion for technology and analytical skills to deliver impactful solutions. His goal is not only to help enhance client operations and efficiency, but also to foster strong working relationships built on trust, understanding, communication and respect.

Currently pursuing an MBA to further enrich his skills, Towsif is committed to lifelong learning, and client centric excelling in customer service. His specialties include association management, vendor management, project management, and the implementation of various management systems such as association, web, and event management systems.

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